Grob G109B AviaDBM V5.3.2

Known Errors / News - 5th March 2018

  1. Version 5.4 incorporates all bug fixes to date, and is built on Win 10 by VS2015. The VC redistributable is included so that it does not have to be compiled into every executable.
  3. A reminder to everyone that if your unit supports the AirSports database, then it is included in the navdata .taw file. A normal Garmin update would transfer it automatically, and indeed the Aera500 does not mention it in its list of databases, but with AviaDBM you have to upload it separately. GPS_USB will do this if you choose Write TAWs on a navdata .taw file, when it will offer the AirSports section.
  5. I have just heard that uploads via USB3 ports are failing, both firmware and navdata. One work-around is to use a USB2 hub.
  7. Version 5.4.1 cures many of the anomolies of Win10/VS2015, particularly the change of current working directory after opening a file. This used to be automatic, but now has to have explicit code to change to the directory holding the opened file.
  9. GPS_USB has an ini file (GPS_USB.ini) which is created with default values the first time the program is used, after which you can make changes which are permanent. If you have accepted the default installation folder the ini file will be created in the same folder as the executable (C:\AviaDBM\bin). However, if you have chosen the ProgramFiles folder, Windows will silently cause the ini file to be placed in a 'virtual' folder in your Local\AppData tree. You can modify it OK in this location.
  11. It is probably best if you avoid C:\Program Files and C:\Program Files (x86) if changing the installation folder.
  13. Version 5.4.3. mainly handles changes to G696_GEN for 8.33khz channels. (Please see Release Notes)